Web 2.0, The Book

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Still in development, but I have clearance to blog about a forthcoming Web 2.0 book. So far I haven’t seen a good book that covers all the technical angles of Web 2.0, from designing URL spaces to Ajax to proper use of HTTP. I’m tech reviewing this book, so I have high expectations for it….

InfoPath going mobile?

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Seen on Bill Trippe’s blog. Gray Knowlton, who indentified himself as a Senior Product Manager for InfoPath 2007 said the next version of SharePoint will “include InfoPath Forms Services, which will render InfoPath forms to browsers and html-enabled mobile devices, and this will not require InfoPath on the form fillers’ desktop, nor will it require…

del.icio.us vs. blogging

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My friend Kimbro Staken has mostly stopped blogging, instead relying on del.icio.us. Several others on my RSS reader are trending similarly. Until very recently, I was doing the same. For me, posting links is a way of keeping the ‘pilot light’ burning when I didn’t have enough time to do full postings–on del.icio.us, posting a…

New Theme

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Since switching to WordPress, I’ve gotten some gentle reminders along the lines of changing the default theme. Well, I’ve done it. I still don’t understand why so many themes have a huge image taking up half the space ‘above the fold’, but nevertheless, Tony Greer‘s excellent theme I’m using here was easy to customize, is…

Nifty Firefox trick

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If you’re like me, you often get email messages with long URLs that wrap, which are a pain to actually get into a browser. Easier on Firefox though: Go to about:config and change editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines setting to 3 or add: user_pref(“editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines”, 3); to your user.js file. Excellent! -m

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