Geek Thoughts: Dora the Spamadora

Dora: Oh no! Lawrence Fawusu, 52, Operational Manager of the International Commercial Bank Ghana Limited is in trouble! He needs to move the sum of US$22, 000.000 (TWENTY TWO MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLAR) outside the country, but doesn’t know where to turn.

Dora: Who do we call when we don’t know the way to go? That’s right, the map! (He’s the map, he’s the map, he’s the map!)

Map: Dora and Mr. Fawusu need to 1) get your bank account info, 2) transfer funds, and 3) proft!

Dora: Say it with me: Bank account, transfer funds, profit!

Dora: We need YOUR help to complete the transaction.

(clicking sound)

We did it, yay, lo hicimos, etc.

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