TextWrangler and special characters

Hey readers, all seven of you, can you help me out?

I’m perhaps finally switching to a Mac-native text editor, TextWrangler, or if I really like it, BBEdit. Within that app, what’s the easiest way to enter unusual characters not found on a keyboard, say š (Latin s with háček) or ḫ (h-breve below)? In jEdit, one can set up longer strings that get automatically converted into harder-to-type ones. What’s the equivalent in TextWrangler or BBEdit? -m

3 Responses to “TextWrangler and special characters”

  1. Rob Koberg

    Have you tried oXygen? Excellent text editor for a great many formats (in addition to XML languages, I write a lot of JS there). You can also have an author/wysiwyg perspective and connect to MarkLogic.

    It is platform agnostic (java) and can run standalone or in eclipse.

  2. Justin Makeig http://audiblepop.com

    I use the Mac OS X Character Palette, available from the International control panel (Input Menu). This allows you to browse and search for characters as well as set up favorites for quick access.

  3. mdubinko

    Character Palette works, but I’d really like something more keyboard friendly.