Semi-spam on the rise

With tough times comes a rise in semi-spam. What’s that? There’s a grey area between solicited and unsolicted email. Take a company you’ve done business once in the past. These guys are dredging up their old databases and really searching for business. Since these are companies I actually like, I don’t have the heart to click the ‘Spam’ button on their emails… -m

One Response to “Semi-spam on the rise”

  1. CBiow

    This semi-spam involves the same tragedy of the commons as uni-spam, just at a lower threshold. If it turns out to yield benefit to the sender in excess of the cost and the risk of negative reactions, then it will grow without bounds and further degrade the overall, community value of email.

    It is unsolicited, since you didn’t opt-in to that type of communication. It is clearly bulk. It is Email. It is therefore spam. So depending upon the definition of “Spam” that your button represents, I’d say “click it”.