Month: October 2008

New MacBook Pro

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I tend to be pretty conservative about new hardware. The day-to-day G4 processor machine I’m writing this on was purchased back in 2004. But with all these new models coming out, I couldn’t resist…buying an older one. After all, we are in a downturn. On Amazon, previous-generation MacBook Pros are pretty cheap, and have a…

Geek Thoughts: presidential RPG

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Debates are boring. Host your own through the magic of RPG. GURPS character sheets for the 2008 US Presidential candidates: Obama: ST:10 DX:11 IQ:14 HT:10 Advantages: Allies (Wright, Ayers) [0 point advantage], Charisma, High Fatigue Threshold, Unfazeable Disadvantages: Elite, Pacifism, Stuttering, Pronunciation of “Pakistan” [quirk], Skills: Administration:14, Computer Operation:12, Diplomacy:12, Enthrallment:11, Law:13, Politics:14, Public Speaking:15,…

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