It would be awesome if somebody…

It would be awesome of someone made a site that catalogued all the common mis-encodings. Even in 2008, I see these things all over the web–mangled quotation marks, apostrophes, em-dashes. I’d love to see a pictoral guide.

curly apostrophe looks like ?’ – original encoding=_________ mislabeled as __________ .

That sort of thing. Surely somebody has done this arleady, right? -m

One Response to “It would be awesome if somebody…”

  1. bryan

    I’m pretty sure curly apostrophe doesn’t look that way ;)

    but sure, there are lots of those kinds of things in different levels of quality and functionality, for example Brett’s Absolutely Astounding Interactive Searchable Unicode Chart:
    but with that you have to search to the character.

    Also there are lots of tables here
    which I guess also comes close to what you want while not being exactly the same, one thing I wonder is: what does mislabeled as entail?