Month: April 2008

How to negotiate

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Tips from Leo Reilly in How to Outnegotiate Anyone (Even a Car Dealer!). Be patient. If you insist on having something today, know what you want and be prepared to pay for it. Never disclose your deadline. Cultivate a positive relationship with the other party. Don’t make the other side look stupid (for a prolonged…

Deadlines and connections

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I’m not involved in the the corporate wrangling about Microsoft and Yahoo! talks. Which leaves me relatively free to comment on it. [Disclosure: I am, not too surprisingly, a Yahoo! shareholder.] Lots of things have been happening lately. A deadline of, well, today. Talks of Google adsense trials. And all kinds of merger speculation involving…

US Census == paper technology

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Never let anyone say that forms are easy. What seems like a boring, tedious topic on the surface is surprisingly deep and challenging. As evidence, the multi-billion-dollar plan to modernize the US census in 2010 has fallen back to paper technology. Sadly their plans didn’t involve XForms. Highly-critical applications, like say voting, are even more…

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