Month: March 2008

Review: Little Brother

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(sick again…at least I get to catch up on my reading) Something has always puzzled me: I’ve never solidly connected with a Cory Doctorow story. It’s baffling; we’re practically brothers-in-geekdom. Most every nonfiction thing I read from Cory leaves me nodding in agreement. If we met, we’d have no trouble talking for hours about metacrap,…

Trying Evernote

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Evernote looks like a cool application, and for at least a few more hours, you can get it for free via the Giveaway of the Day site. At first glance, this seems like the closest software I’ve seen to the original “Brain Attic” concept I’ve held for years. My most pressing questions are (big surprise)…

Getting what you asked for

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Some time ago, Doug Crockford’s excellent blog pointed me to this page on “excessive DTD traffic” at the W3C. Go ahead and follow that link, I’ll wait… All the standard templates that show how to construct a basic XHTML page include a public identifier of and often a namespace name of As the…

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