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What is the difference between placing instanceof=”prefix:val” vs. rel=”prefix:val” on something? How do I decide between the two?

In the example of hEvent data, why is it better/more accurate to use instanceof=”cal:Vevent” instead of a blank node via rel=”cal:Vevent”?


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  1. Jeni Tennison http://www.jenitennison.com

    They’re saying different things, aren’t they? rel=”prefix:val” is defining statement with a Property called prefix:val, with a resource (defined by the href or content of the element) as its subject.

    On the other hand, instanceof=”prefix:val” means that the object you’re talking about is a prefix:val. So prefix:val in an instanceof is a Class identifier. instanceof is a shorthand for rel=”rdf:type” href=”prefix:val”, I think.

    They can both be used with blank nodes, so far as I can tell.

  2. mdubinko

    This seems difficult to explain to grandma. :) If the instanceof to rel+href equivalence holds, I wonder if instanceof is even necessary… -m

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