XForms Editors?

What are some good tools, with a strong preference for open source, for editing XForms these days? Comment below… -m

3 Responses to “XForms Editors?”

  1. Adrian

    Any good compound XML document editor. JEdit with the XML plugin is the best OS editor in my experience, the Orbeon guys speak well of IntelliJ (commerical though). Eclipse WTP’s XML is so-so & probably a pain if you’re not already using Eclipse. But better than it used to be though & will hopefully keep improving.

  2. Erik Bruchez

    Micah, are you asking about visual editors? I don’t know if there are really good ones out there. This said, at Orbeon we are working on… something. Stay tuned :-)

  3. Konos

    If you find out about visual editors please tell me.
    Oh! Microsoft, where are you?