Month: April 2007

Why does ‘rich client’ equal ‘bad separation of presentation from content’?

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I started writing this post back when doing tech editing the “Rich Client Alternatives” chapter on Web 2.0, the book. Now, with Apollo getting some attention, it’s worth revisiting. What do XUL, Yahoo! Widgets, OpenLaszlo, Silverlight, and Apollo have in common? All of them mix content with presentation to some degree. Years of experience on…

Email meltdown in progress

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Maybe it’s a coincidence, but just after installing Thunderbird 2, deleting emails started taking 5 seconds, then 15, then 30, then a full minute. Then it quit working alltogether. Also 14,000 old mailing list messages materialized in my Junk folder. My inbox has hundreds of unread, and drastic measures might be needed to get things…


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I can’t talk on the phone right now. Can you follow up on email? Consider it placed on my todo list. Let me give you my new address. Hmm, I don’t have it. What are you talking about? (If you get the pattern, post below…) -m

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