J2ME Disappointment

Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5 is out of beta. Can anyone explain to me the logic of making a Java toolkit that’s Windows-only? Sheesh. -m

3 Responses to “J2ME Disappointment”

  1. mindinhand http://mindinhand.blogspot.com

    Umm… They say its too much work to support other platforms. Its painful.

    Largest pool of developers use java.


    Yet, with open source emulators and tools like ant, it seems like somebody should make something built on the java platform alone.

    I’m thrilled. I love the WTK on windows.

  2. John M Flinchbaugh http://www.hjsoft.com/blog/

    In the FAQ, it says they’re working on the other platforms, like Linux.

  3. Owen http://www.u-g-h.com

    I suppose they had to start somewhere, but I agree, releasing it for Windows only is akin to Microsoft releasing the next version of windows which only runs on SPARC