Month: January 2007

Yahoo! Keitai

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A few more tidbits on the Softbank Mobile turnaround, for which helped architect the mobile platform. SoftBank phones have a “Y!”-button which links to Yahoo!-keitai. Yahoo-Keitai! offers a list of official sites, new services (e.g. a new communicator service), and also access to free mobile internet sites through the YAHOO directory, as well as access…

My computer is famous

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My second career as a hand model has been exposed, by a blog post from the guys behind Yahoo! Messenger. BTW, I have even more stickers now, including one of those Flickr stickrs seen in the shot. -m P.S. The photo is credited to Yodel Anecdotal, which is another blog. Did anyone catch when that…

Freudian ill-formedness?

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In case you didn’t notice, a new XML Annoyances is out. From the first comment there: markup typo 2007-01-11 18:58:33 Michael Dyck [Reply] In the link following “same unofficial naming scheme as”, the attribute is missing its closing quote-mark, which (in my browser at least) causes a lot of the subsequent text (up to the…

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