Still tech editing the final pieces of the Web 2.0 book. Such a huge part of what people mean when they talk about Web 2.0 is the ugly term “user-generated content”. As many have pointed out, all three words comprising that phrase are inaccurate or obtuse (or both). We need a better term.

How about datacratic, or rule by data?

By itself, “data” isn’t such a descriptive word, but I like how it fits in here. Also the so-called users aren’t directly mentioned, except by reference to demos from a similar, if overused, word.

Could you see yourself using the term? -m

3 Responses to “Datacratic”

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    […] I rather like Micah Dubinko’s new coinage, as far as the network is concerned I think we might just heading towards a datacratic society. […]

  2. karl dubost


    Data are important but… without relationships between data it’s become just a pile of data. I have a lot of dust on my bookshelves, plenty of data ;) If I have not read them, analyzed them, shared them, put them into context and relations, they have no value.

    rule by relationships or links.

  3. mdubinko

    I’d have to say that relationships and links themselves are comprised of…data. :-) -m