Infopath and “Design Once”

New features in InfoPath 2007 make me smile

  • Design once to work on browser and client
  • Object model the same across client and server

Both things I worked on extensively for Cardiff LiquidOffice in 2003-2004. ‘Cept we had design once and write out to DHTML, PDF, or InfoPath. :) -m

3 Responses to “Infopath and “Design Once””

  1. Sam Sethi


    Infopath as part of Office 2003 was not XHTML or Xforms compliant. I know a lot of people are looking to implement Xforms because its part of the new XHTML 2 standard but shy away from Infopath because of its non-compliance.

    Do you know if Infopath has now become Xforms 1.0 compliant? I suppose I really should ask someone in Microsoft.

  2. mdubinko

    I have zero data here, but based on past experience, I’d say it’s about 99.99% sure it doesn’t support XForms. -m

  3. Eric Richards

    Re: XHTML and XForms: 100% correct, though remember that the XML is pretty much free and clear of anything special, other than a couple of PI statements up top letting InfoPath know what template it needs to use for opening the XML, so there should be a super-high level of interop with any other editor that would like to party on the XML data itself.