Month: June 2006

Linking from HTTP headers

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From mnot: the return of the Link: headers, last seen in RFC 2068, and a new header, Link-Template, which has me salivating over the possibilities. I wonder, will this lead to better libraries for dealing with HTTP headers? Or at least better developer understanding of the benefits of not just taking whatever Apache or Tomcat…

iGo Tech Support rocks

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For a while, I’ve had an iGo Juice 70. They’ve really nailed the “universal” power adapter for notebooks. Input can be 120 volts, 240 volts, 12 volts (auto), or whatever you get on planes. Output is a series of pluggable tips that work well with 8 different models of notebooks, including everything I own. The…

Pizza Neutrality

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I originally wrote this in the comments, but it’s worth a full entry. If phone companies thought they could get away with it, you’d have this: “I’m sorry, all circuits to Domino’s Pizza are currently busy. Would you like to be connected to our preferred pizza provider instead?” -m

Reviving Patternalia

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About a year ago, on this blog I started a series called “Patternalia”, examining various patterns in technology and life in the style of a popular Christopher Alexander series. Over the coming weeks and months, I’m going to revive the series, first of all by getting the old entries into WordPress. Everything will be under…

Web 2.0, The Book

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Still in development, but I have clearance to blog about a forthcoming Web 2.0 book. So far I haven’t seen a good book that covers all the technical angles of Web 2.0, from designing URL spaces to Ajax to proper use of HTTP. I’m tech reviewing this book, so I have high expectations for it….

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